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About DIA

Thank you for your interest in DIA (Dance Image Academy). We know there are many
choices out there when it comes to dance studios and we think that you will be very happy
with what we have to offer. We have some of the best prices in the valley, a wonderful
studio space, awesome qualified teachers, unique & fun routines, music, costumes, and
amazing dancers! We are able to teach our students to be competitive- while maintaining a
family like atmosphere at the studio. While dance is all about learning the proper
technique, form, & skills; it is also about having FUN and learning to be passionate about
it. One of the best things about dance is being able to express yourself through it...and
we believe that you can do that whether you have been dancing for 10 years or this is your
first year, whether you are a graceful ballerina or getting funky in hip hop, whether you
are 2 years old (we take them even a little earlier!) or 99, and whether you are a girl or a
boy. That is why we offer so many different class options and styles, in competitive teams
and training/non-competing classes. DIA is consistently recognized for its unique style
and team unity, winning many "Judges Choice", "Overall" awards, and "Best Sportsmanship
& Spirit" at competitions. Why fit in when you were born to stand out!?!
At DIA we put an emphasis on building self-esteem through dance. We teach with positive
reinforcement and want to help every student reach their full potential. We also
emphasize teamwork and how each dancer is important to the success of their team. We
also believe that family involvement helps a dancer grow and succeed- that is why we offer
many studio socials and events for dancers and their families so everyone can get closer
and build their DIA spirit! Every season we try to improve and make each year better

than the, on to our new adventure!

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